Holy (Hole)

biblical holidays Sep 10, 2023

10 days of AWE reflection

Last year, Elim Congregation hosted one of the 10 days of Awe in a city effort to come together and repent and pray for our city. As Teresa sang Unto the Lamb and You are Holy over and over again tonight, I could picture the Lord seated on the throne and I pictured His holes on His hands and feet. He was smiling but the holes spoke volumes of His love and forgiveness. As we kept singing "You are Holy", I kept thinking yes you are hole- you have holes in your hands and feet forever for me. It has embedded a deeper meaning of Holy to me. As I was praying for relationship reconciliation, I kept hearing the phrase he/she who has been forgiven much loves much. We can owe up to our areas of sin without shame because we can see Him smiling at us with His scars. When we can grasp the lengths He went to forgive us… it should motivate us to forgive the offenses that others have caused us. We can ask Him to give us His perspective of that person and wisdom to know how to love them in a healthy way. I encourage you to take time during these days of Awe and be in Awe of Him as the Lamb who sits on the throne, the throne of Grace.

Here is the song in case you haven’t heard it..

click HERE for Unto the Lamb song

click HERE for You are Holy