We Will SHINE Brighter....

biblical holidays Dec 14, 2023

Let’s declare in this season…




How do we shine brighter? 


We need more oil. 


The Lord has a limitless supply of oil in the Holy Spirit. 


“ The One whom God has sent to represent him will speak the words of God, because God has poured out upon him the fullness of the Holy Sprit without limitation. John 3:34 TPT


The middle candle in the Hanukkiah is called the shamash candle and you light it first and then you use it to light all the other lights. Yeshua (Jesus) is the shamash candle… and is calling us to do the same.  


He wants us to light the fire in others lives so that can burn bright for him. At First Coast House of Prayer the worship leader said, “I see an army of light coming forth.”


This is not a season to stay hidden but to ARISE to maturity, ARISE and share the hope that we have, ARISE in intercession, ARISE in giving, ARISE in serving. 


Maybe you feel like a smothering wick, that you are burning the candle at both ends, today I want to take time to Bless you to not BURN OUT and instead to BURN BRIGHTER. 


I bless you to open your hands and give Him what you are holding on to

I bless you to receive  His hands in your and let Him lead you

I bless you to open your mind and release your critism of yourself and other, comparisons, and concerns

I bless you to receive His mind and let it fill you with wisdom from above

I bless you to open your heart and give Him your hurt and hatred

I bless you to receive His heart and let it fill you with His limitless love

I bless you to open up your eyes and give Him your blurry and broken vision

I bless you to receive His eye and let Him restore and refresh your vision from an eternal and supernatural perspective 

I bless you to open you ear and give Him the sounds of distractions that come from outside and from within

I bless you to receive His voice and the sounds of heaven that bring shalom to the spirit, soul and body


Through these divine exchanges His LIGHT will shine BRIGHTER and the concern about BURNING out will decrease as the darkness of your thoughts and feelings decrease. 


Take time right now to do this... ask Him to shine His light and insight and be specific and engage with these blessings of release and acceptance.  

For example,

Lord is there anything that I am holding on to that you want me to let go of? 

Where are you leading me... what is the next right step?

Lord am I self sabotaging myself, critical of others if so who and why? Am I caring concern that is out of my control, is so what? 

What is your wisdom Lord that you want to impart to me about myself, others and situations beyond my control?

Where am I holding on to hurt and hatred and why?

How will your love bring healing? 

Are there places my vision blurry and broken, if so why?

What do you want me to see instead? 

What sounds from within and outside are unhealthly distractions?

Lord is there something you want to tell me that will realign me with you and bring shalom to my spirit, soul and body?