Poem for Rosh Hashanah

biblical holidays Sep 09, 2023

Do you hear the shofar sound?

Do you taste the apples and honey?

Do anticipate the King to return?

There are many ways we can celebrate Rosh Hashanah and prepare our hearts. The Spring Biblical Holidays were fulfilled by Yeshua (Jesus) first coming. The Fall Biblical Holiday will be fulfilled by His second coming. 

One of the ways, I encounter the Lord during this time is by writing a poem. Here is an example of one. 

Love is like a vapor

Lost in time

A treasure to behold

Lost and found

Deeply Mysterious 

And yet full of simplicity

I love you 

And you love me

Love surrounds me

It engulfs me

It gives me breath

It sets me free

For God is love

A profound complexity

The Holy Trinity

United to me

Draw me away 

Into your Divine Romance

Let's dance the dance of love

One step at a time

Your foot in front of mine

Hold me close

Let me feel your breath

Blow new life into me 

So that I can hear

Your whisper in my ear

This is my prayer 

for this new year